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Introduction to UX Design for Augmented Reality Experiences Ebook

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A beginner's guide to designing Augmented Reality experiences.

Learn the design fundamentals of creating any Augmented Reality experience. Beginner-friendly tips collected from global tech conferences, articles, books, and after 3+ years of exploring AR/VR.

PDF format. Accessible via all smart devices.

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"Designing Augmented Reality experiences comes with its own challenges. While creativity can help you design solutions, a deep understanding of a set of well-formatted design principles can help you create solutions with an extra edge."

Why this book?

When I started learning AR/VR, it took me a long time to figure out how to design experiences for this emerging domain. After observing AR/VR games and experiences built by amazing creators from all around the world, and regularly participating in hackathons & events, I realized that I could compile my learnings in one place for the benefit of everyone who wants to learn and grow in AR/VR.

This book will first give you a friendly introduction to Augmented Reality and UX Design. Gradually you will see how they merge together by learning the different ways of interaction in Augmented Reality, how a designer thinks, various examples, and a comprehensive case study of a successful Augmented Reality app. These concepts would serve as a foundation for you.

Rather than diving too deep into the rabbit hole of UX Design for AR/VR, this book will give you a high-level overview and a friendly introduction to what goes into creating cool AR experiences.

Although I don’t have any formal degree in design, I have studied design at Interaction Design Foundation. Their courses helped me get a great theoretical understanding of design.

Who is this book for?

This book is for you if -

  • You are just starting out in AR/VR
  • You are struggling to come up with ideas
  • You have trouble figuring out how to design AR experiences
  • You don't have any knowledge of design in AR/VR but looking for beginner-friendly resources


  1. What is Augmented Reality?
  2. What is UX?
  3. Importance of UX
  4. 7 Elements of UX Design
  5. How does a designer think?
  6. 4 Pillars of Augmented Reality Design
  7. Basics of Interaction Design
  8. 2D vs 3D Interaction
  9. Different ways of interaction in 3D
  10. How to apply branding to AR/VR experiences?
  11. Case study

You also get access to -

  • Resources to dive deeper into this field
  • Future updates

What you should know before taking this book?

  • This book focuses on DESIGN and not DEVELOPMENT.
  • It is aimed toward designing mobile AR experiences but the concepts apply to VR experiences too.
  • It is theoretical.

What is the price of the book?

Introductory price - $9.99 (the price will go up after 50 downloads. Only 36 left)

Next price - $14.99

P.S - If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on Twitter and I’ll be happy to help😉

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Introduction to UX Design for Augmented Reality Experiences Ebook

0 ratings