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3D Math - Vectors (PDF + Notion Template)

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Get my notes in PDF format to revise Vectors.

A handy guide to help you revise Vectors for Computer Graphics.

I used Notion to make these notes. This makes it comfortable to read on the go.

Get the notes as a Notion Template

Duplicate it. Edit it. Export it to PDF or Markdown.

Appreciation 😇

Why did I make this?

Students like digital notes stored in PDF format so that they can use them on the go i.e mobile, iPad, or kindle. However, creating these notes can be a tedious and slow process. They don't have any other option than to stick to pen and paper, especially when learning subjects like maths or physics which often requires noting down complex formulas.

Although you can use Notion to create your notes with the Katex support, it is a time-consuming process.

This is why I started creating Notion templates for subjects that rely on too many formulas. So that you don't have to prepare your notes from scratch.

Instead of preparing your notes on Notion from scratch, you can use this notion template to customize the notes on your own Notion workspace.

View the PDF across a range of handheld devices rather than carrying exercise books.

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A pdf with all notes related to vectors

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3D Math - Vectors (PDF + Notion Template)

2 ratings